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October 01, 2007


Mike O'Donnell

Amen. I was teaching from Geneis during the first week of school, trying to engage my kids in Story as True, and getting them to enter in to the Story. The image in verses 2-3 haunts me as I think of the Spirit of God, the feminine aspect of His Deity, brooding over the watery depths. How long did this go on? What was God thinking? He's hovering, covering, moving over the surface thinking and creating in His mind what this all will look like. We think that He was finished after day six, and that He intervenes when necessary. But as the Story goes on, we see that He is intimately involved in every moment and every aspect of Creation. He is continuously creating, sustaining, and redeeming. His creation of man was first and foremost an invitation. "Come and join with me. Fellowship with me in unbroken communion, and create, sustain, and redeem with me." When we stop at day six, then we leave all God's creation to fend for itself. This is one key to understanding exactly what you have written here. We must have bigger eyes to see that God's Spirit still broods over His creation. Only then will we be able to enter in and join the song.
And only then will we begin to bind up the brokenhearted, preach the Good News to the poor, and live religion that is of utmost value to our Heavenly Father.

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