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February 29, 2008


The Lost

My father preaches this quite heavily. The idea that we are nothing, God is everything, not for my glory but for His, not for my joy but for His.

The thing is, first you have to believe in God. Then you have to care enough to give Him what He wants, in spite of how seemingly little He has given the weakest of us.

My pops would say that sentiments like the previous are the result of a non-God-centered worldview and that if my thinking and worldview was lined up right those sentiments wouldn't even exist.

Have you read Brave New World? Where everyone is conditioned to be happy from birth, where there is no pain, no sadness. It is a despicable world full of mindless drones who drug themselves into 'a vacation' at the slightest hint of pain and sorrow. Reminds me a bit of a Christian thanking God for all His gifts when shown the true state of the world.

Yet a worldview focused on pleasing God completely wouldn't be much different from the horror predicted by Huxley so long ago, just a different method to bring about the boring sameness.

Happiness and peace at the expense of our God-given free will to live self indulging lives, seems a bit ironic...

Dan Fedick  (Public Theology)

Excellent point. What if putting God at the center of all things meant entering into the pain and sorrow to share with the weakest of us instead of just believing that God's gift to us is our happiness?
To work with your previous question about why are people leaving the church. Leaving the church might be the healthiest thing they did in their lives.. I think it's because when you drug yourself into a vacation, and go to church for a show every Sunday.. You start to wonder.. Why am I going? What's the point? I think that sin is possibly the textbook answer, but it might be the sin of the church driving people away. Brave New World is pointing out just that.. When you start to act happy all the time, putting on a face, you lose yourself. Life isn't perfect, so why believe that your supposed to be happy all the time. Humans cannot sustain "happiness" all the time. I think it's impossible..

You know the scripture.. All God wants is for us to love Him, and to love everyone else. To love someone else is really hard if your putting on a happy face and running when pain or sorrow comes your way.

BTW.. I'm not trying to "answer" your questions to "Win you for God." I believe that there's really nothing I can say that will change your mind. I just know what it's like to have been where you are.. I grew up in the Church.. I saw hypocrisy.. When I finally had the choice, I left. I just think it's cool your actually talking about it.

BTW.. Did you look up my name "Fredick" or "Fedick"

Dan Fedick  (Public Theology)

Note: I believe that the Church, if done right.. is an amazing place for growth, love and friendship. It's a place that we serve together, eat together, cry together, worship together and laugh together. When done right, it's a beautiful thing worth watching through every step like a bride walking down the aisle. When pushing people away(which historically it has done a lot of) it can easily turn you away with disgust..

You've probably heard this one:
"I don't hate your Christ, I love your Christ, it's just so many of his followers are so unlike their Christ." ~ Ghandi .

Jake DeVries aka The Lost

Ghandi's comments about christians are brilliant for sure!

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