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January 29, 2009



I am just so thankful for what America is talking about and praying for in light of this inaguration. I loved ALL the prayers, I was so humbled and pleased to see humility and contrition on the mainstage of this powerful country.

Robinson's was my favorite; I am sure you are not surprised. I loved every minute of it, asking for tears and anger over injustice, and for patience and humility as we pray for heart changes. Perhaps I wouldn't ask for color-blindness, but rather an acceptance of the best from multiple perspectives so that we can all truly work together.

Warren's was so thoroughly evangelical, it made me uncomfortable at times (bias divulged!). I imagined people from certain cultures and traditions may have felt left out, though I appreciated the incorporation of the Shema and words from the Koran in reference to God. I noted his prayer was at times instructional . . . another aspect of evangelicalism? But I loved the litany of forgiveness . . . "when we focus on ourselves . . . forgive us," etc.

I completely agree with you on Lowry, it was like watching a culmination of an undescribably painful history turned into hope. I pray with him that we take the mountaintop with us into daily life. My favorite moment: "Let all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen."

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