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June 29, 2009





Hey man! Thanks for the post! I was looking forward to her new single, i think she did good!

I personally think that the song is very truthful, only in the regina way :)

Nobody mocks God when things are going bad, but when we are all good it's very easy for us to question Him. I think in a sense the song is not aimed as being directed at God, but more like it's aimed at the people and the god they believe in that is mostly based on their perception on who God is, like the mentioned genie.

I found a soft spot in my heart when listening to it. I think this song should not be taken lightly as most of her songs.

She's really progressed as an artist and turned more mature than her previous albums. I like to believe that she's only begun to get into the scene, I can only hope that she stays true to her image and keeps questioning what she believes in... in a good way, not like the now mainstream Tori Amos, who has to my taste, turned bland.

Thanks again for the post! I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on the song.

Joshua N.

To me, it is a reminder that blasphemy occurs more often in the acts of Christians than in statements made by skeptics or atheists. God isn't funny, but we sometimes make him seem that way, and that is our failure.

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